Pooja said that her father’s black truth Mahesh Bhat often used to get uncontrollable while intoxicated.

Bollywood actress, director and voiceover artist Pooja B received a huge fan following. Fans are crazy about her beauty. Pooja B Bait competes beautifully with her sister Alia Bait. Pooja is famous in the industry for her impeccable style. Fans like him very much. His recent revelations garner a lot of headlines. In this revelation Pooja Bhat was told about her father, director and producer Mahesh Bhat.

Let us tell you that Pooja Bhat has been in the headlines continuously for some time now. In fact, his sister Alia Bahat was married to Ranbir Kapoor in the past. Because many of his pictures and videos were also spread. Because of this, he was always in the discussion. But the reason she is in the limelight this time is because she is the only one. Let us tell you that this disclosure is not recent, but very old. In what the actress reveals, the actress reveals how her and her mother Soni Razdan’s reaction was when her father Mahesh Bahat went home after drinking alcohol.

Talking about the viral discoveries, the actress says that when she and Alia were growing up. Then they all lived together in one room. Often his father used to come home drunk. Due to which his mother got very angry. But she didn’t cry much because of the kids, but in anger she used to tear all the Mahesh Bahat magazines. Soni Mahesh was often locked in the balcony. His fans are quite surprised to hear this.

The actress says that once Mahesh Bahat came in such a situation, his mother became ill and locked him in the bathroom. On the other hand, Pooja was crying while lying on the bed saying that don’t stop her. Then his mother tells him to choose between him and Mahesh Bahat. Pooja said that she always loved her father more and stood by him. The actress said that her whole life was named after her father. Due to his constant favoritism towards his father, his brother used to harass him by calling him Papa’s spoon. Fans reacted fiercely to this revelation of Pooja.

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