Preity Zinta showed bold figure

Those twinkling eyes, those dimples, and all that oomph is what makes Preity Zinta a superstar even today, though not as active in the film business as she used to be. On 29 February 2016, Preity went down the aisle with businessman Gene Goodenough, who is based out of Los Angeles.

Pointing towards the entrance, she also said that “the walk from there to here was crazy, I had to hold my dress along with 3-4 other people and walk in these heels… It was very difficult. I really hope it doesn’t stop raining or we’ll all go,” she joked.

After her marriage, the “bubbly” heroine relocated to India, settling in the sprawling Southern California city. Occasionally, Preity travels to India, where she sharpens her entrepreneurial skills, and also loses all the love that comes with die-hard fans and old friends at events and of course, B-town get-togethers. But die

On the closing note, the actress sent a message to all her fans. She added: “Lots of love to all my fans… I love you guys, thank you so much for your love all these years and still. And yes, please stay safe during the monsoon season!”

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Note – Each photo is symbolic (Photo Source: Google)

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