Putting Hanumanji’s picture on such a seat will do all the bad things, all the wishes will be fulfilled!

We all worship gods and goddesses in our homes by putting pictures of them, sitting in front of them and meditating, yet we do not feel anything. Actually, Bhava has a lot of importance in the worship of every deity. Bhava means mood, when you are in a good mood then only you can do any constructive work, that is, you can do result oriented work. God also has a mood, whatever pictures of Gods and Goddesses have to be put in the house, they should be put according to the mood very thoughtfully.

Saint Kabir has also said, “Mala farat jag bhaiya, phera na man ka fer, kar ka kar ka manka kar kar karne de kar karne kar kar kar ka manka kar kar karne kar kar karne kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar kar mind, fera na man ka fera, mala farat jag bhaiya, phera nahi manka ferre.” That is, Kabir Dasji advised such people to leave the necklace in hand and change the necklace and change the pearl. mind, then God will be easily found.

There are many things related to the picture carrying the mountain.

Usually in the pictures of Hanumanji installed in the houses, he is seen carrying the whole mountain with the Sanjeevani Booti. Try to understand the meaning of this picture. Ravana’s war is going on in Lanka, Lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshmanji got strength, so he fainted and fell on the ground. The entire army including Shri Ram was deeply saddened and disappointed by this incident. In such a situation, Sushen, the physician of Ravana, is called Lanka. Sushen Vaidya gave a medicine called Sanjeevani Booti for the treatment of Lakshmanji, but discussed meeting him in the Himalayas and insisted that Lakshmanji’s life could be saved only if he came before sunrise.

Now in such a situation, Hanumanji is going to work necessary for the service of his God, there is only one feeling in his mind that somehow the medicine should be brought on time and Lakshmanji should be healthy so that God starts feeling nauseous. Shriram fell short. When he went to get the medicine, Ravana got confused by his illusion and the plant started glowing. In such a situation, Hanumanji uprooted the entire mountain. On the way, Bharatbhai saw that someone was flying from Ayodhya, so he shot an arrow at Hanumanji.

Knowing all this, Hanumanji again reached Lanka on time and Lakshmanji lost consciousness after getting the medicine. Now in front of such a picture you will pray for your promotion, salary increase or any other kind of prayer then how will they listen because Hanumanji himself is in a lot of trouble.

Make doctors worship the idol of the mountain

The doctor can worship the idol of Hanumanji flying on the side of the mountain, just like you saved the life of Shri Lakshmanji, give me the same strength so that I can heal my patients. A common man can selflessly worship such a picture that if you go to Ram Kajla you will get success. Shri Ram Shri Ram can be chanted for some time.

Worship with the idol of Varad Mudra

The family members should put a picture of Hanumanji in their house in which they are blessing with one hand and stand it next to them without spreading the hammer. The picture of Varada Mudra is the most accurate. The game is all about the mood, the child in the house knows the mood of his father, if he is talking to someone on the phone after coming out of the office, the child does not ask for anything but the day when the father The child enters the house in a good mood, clings to it and demands. You pray for Varad Mudra in front of Hanumanji, he will surely listen.

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