Ratan Tata was called Chotu by the girl, then Ratan Tata’s answer left everyone in thinking

Today Tata Group of Industries is very well known not only in India but all over the world. Tata Industries is a very successful and successful today and let us tell you that Ratan Tata sir has a big hand in making it successful. This is because Sir Ratan Tata takes almost all the major decisions of Tata Industries. Due to which Ratan Tata is given a lot of respect and respect in India and all over the world today. If there is any biggest family in India after Ambani family then it is none other than Tata family. Although Sir Ratan Tata dominates social media for his business related decisions and his lifestyle, but this time he is making headlines on social media for some other reason. Recently, if you tell you the reason why Sir Returns Tata dominated the media, it is that Ratan Tata was called short on social media by an unknown girl. Due to this, both that girl and Sir Train Tata are doing a lot on social media. In this article, we will tell you who is the girl who became the chotu to Sir Ratan Tata, why did he say such a thing.

Unknown girl called Ratan Tata as chotu, fans gave this answer on social media

Sir Ratan Tata is a very big personality in India in today’s time and everyone knows him in today’s time. Ratan Tata is given a lot of respect and respect not only in India but all over the world. This is because Ratan Tata is a very big businessman. Once Ratan Tata posted a thank you post on his social media handle, thanking everyone in the joy of having 1 million followers. On this everyone had congregated him. The same girl’s comment came and she wrote in the comment “Congregation Chotu”. When that girl called Ratan Tata Tata as Chotu, then Ratan Tata’s fans felt very bad about this and they called that girl bad. When everyone was saying bad things to that girl in the comments, then Sir Ratan Tata felt very bad about it. Because of which he said something that got everyone thinking.

Ratan Tata sir gave this answer when the girl was called short, the fans got confused

Once when Ratan Tata had 10 lakh followers on social media, he thanked everyone, then he got a comment from a girl in which she congratulated Ratan Tata Sir by saying Congress Chhotu. When Ratan Tata sir’s fans read this comment, everyone started saying bad things to that girl. Seeing all this, Ratan Tata sir felt very bad and in defense of that girl, he told everyone to stop calling this girl bad. Ratan Tata sir said that we all have a child in us, so that girl congratulated him by saying Congregation Chotu. This clearly shows how big is the heart of Sir Ratan Tata and how much he respects everyone. This is the reason why everyone respects him too much.

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