Raveena Tandon had an illicit relationship with her own brother! After years, the pain of the actress spilled, told the whole truth

Many untold things or rumors of the stars of Bollywood industry keep going viral on social media. Artists are always in the discussion about their controversial statements or about their affair. Describing one of these rumours, famous actress Raveena Tandon made a big disclosure.

The actress told how once false news of their relationship was spread among the people. Because of which his life became difficult. At the same time, he told that the media always stood outside his house regarding this rumor. He had made it difficult to even get out of the house. The actress made many big revelations, hearing about which it seems that how can one do this. The actress told that she often used to drop a boy at her house. About whom it was rumored that he is the boyfriend of Raveena Tandon.

Let us tell you that some time ago, Raveena Tandon had told in an interview given to the top media website that a local magazine had spread this false rumor. Rumor had it that actress Raveena Tandon is in a relationship with her own brother. Along with this, that local magazine had also said that often a handsome boy comes to drop Raveena Tandon at her house. Please tell that he is none other than Raveena’s brother.

Talking further, the actress told that she remembers very well that she had spent many nights without sleeping. They could not sleep. Due to which she used to cry a lot, which would make her sleepy. She told that she used to cry when she could not sleep. She had always lived in fear that some of the things written in the local magazine were being eaten from inside.

He said that the things published in the magazine were breaking his reputation, credibility, and his confidence as well as his parents. After which she felt that what nonsense she was thinking about which did not make any sense even far and wide. At the same time, he also said that how were the people who published the news of his relationship with his brother. The actress also told the name of the magazine and said that it was printed in the magazine that a handsome boy comes to drop Raveena at home every day.

Well, let us tell you that for the past few days, actress Raveena Tandon has been in discussion about her web series ‘Aranyak’. He has made his debut on the OTT platform with this mystery-crime thriller series ‘Aranyak’. People are very much liked by this web series of the actress. In which many veteran actors like Ashutosh Rana, Zakir Hussain, Meghna Malik are in the lead role with him.

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