Relief to house builders, reduction in lease prices by Rs 15, further reduction in rates

The central government has reduced the prices of diesel. As a result, cement and bar prices have also been hit. The price of cement, which was Rs 400 per bag in May, has now come down to Rs 390 from Rs 385. At the same time, the price of bar (rod) was Rs 75 per kg, which is now Rs 60 per kg. In this way, the price of cement has come down by Rs 10 to Rs 15 per bag, while it has come down by Rs 15 per kg. However, this has brought some relief to the house builders.

Cement and bar prices started rising in March-April as diesel prices continued to rise due to higher production costs and transportation costs. At the same time, while reducing the tax, the central government had cut the price of diesel by about Rs 10 per liter. Its direct effect is now being seen in the market. Experts say that the construction work slows down during the rainy days, so the prices may fall further in the coming days.

Let us tell you, in the month of March, the local brand Baria was available at Rs 55 per kg. In the same April, the price rose to Rs. In May it was sold at Rs 75 per kg. At the same time, now its price is Rs. The price of branded bars has also come down by Rs 10 to Rs 12 per kg. At present, a branded bar costs Rs 70 per kg. A month ago, the price had gone up to Rs 80-85 per kg.

However, prices of other construction materials were not affected much. At the same time, the price of sand, brick and ballast has increased by Rs 5,000 to Rs 5,000 as compared to May. According to traders, it is likely to increase further in the coming days. price at a glance

Junsaria (local brand) Rs 75 Rs 60 per kg, Saria (big brand) Rs 85 Rs 70 per kg, Cement Rs 400 to Rs 385 to Rs 390 per bag, Vita Rs 5-16 thousand Rs 18-20 thousand/thousand, Sand Rs 6000 Rs.8500 per tractor, Ballast Rs.6500 Rs.9000 per tractor

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