Remembering Satish Kaushik, Anupam Kher started crying on camera, said- Every morning at 8 o’clock…..

Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik has now said goodbye to this world. After the departure of Satish Kaushik, Bollywood has lost one of the best actors and best friend Anupam Kher. The 45 years old friendship of Bollywood actors Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik has also come to an end. Anupam Kher was seen crying bitterly while paying last respects to Satish Kaushik.

anupam kher new video

Recently Anupam Kher has shared a video from his Twitter handle. In which he has mentioned the journey spent with his best friend Satish Kaushik. In the video, he said with moist eyes, “45 years of friendship is very deep. It becomes a habit. A habit you don’t want to give up. He told that he was thinking what food he should eat, where to eat and in the meanwhile he picked up his mobile and thought to call Satish, but then he remembered that Satish has left this world.

anupam kher new video

He told that he had dreams with Satish Kaushik, as well as he started his life in July, 1975 from the National School of Drama. Anupam Kher further told that they used to sit together. Anupam Kher used to eat food at Satish Kaushik’s house only. He also told that he had come to Mumbai after Satish Kaushik. Anupam Kher told that there used to be sour-sweet nokjhok between them. He said that it is very difficult, but life has to be taken forward…. I’m getting on with life.

anupam kher new video

Anupam Kher said at the end of his video – But Satish Kaushik was a good person. I had strength, he was friend of friends. But life must go on. So let’s move on with life. I will keep this loss inside my heart and try to make her happy. He would also like me to be happy always. My dear friend, Satish Kaushik. We have to move forward with this life. You will always be in my heart.

Anupam Kher shared the video and wrote, “Letter to my friend!! My dear Satish Kaushik! You will always be a part of my life… but I need to move on…. To keep your memory alive… Life has to move forward…. I am moving forward with life my friend….. you will always remain an important part of my life…” Everyone’s eyes are getting moist watching this video of Anupam Kher. Everyone is getting emotional listening to the story of Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik’s friendship of 45 years.

Saying goodbye to his best friend like this has been very difficult for Anupam Kher. Two days before death both of them had eaten food together. Laughter ensued, but little did anyone know that the two were spending time together for the last time. Anupam Kher has also shared an emotional video after the departure of Satish Kaushik, now this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Let us tell you that Satish Kaushik had died late on March 8 due to heart attack. Before his death, he was seen enjoying a lot in Holi party. In such a situation, no one could have thought that such an accident would happen so soon.


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