Ritesh Sidhwani held Malaika Arora’s hand, social media users said ‘Thank god Arjun was not there…’

These days a video of producer Ritesh Sidhwani is going viral. In the affair of famous actress Malaika Arora, my wife Dolly Sidhwani was holding Ritesh’s hand and talking to someone on the phone. During this, Malaika and then his wife Dolly were standing right behind him. Ritesh doesn’t pay attention and holds Malaika’s hand instead of Dolly’s. However, after seeing this he rectified the mistake and immediately held his wife’s hand.

On Saturday, actress Malaika Arora attended a party and while leaving the venue, she had an awkward moment with producer Ritesh Sidhwani. In a video captured by the paparazzi, producer Ritesh Sidwani tried to hold Malaika’s hand. Ritesh was busy calling and held his wife Dolly’s hand.

malaika arora

Sidwani mistook Malaika’s hand for Dolly’s hand and tried to hold it. However, he soon realized his mistake, reached out to hold Dolly’s hand and continued walking towards the car. The trio kept a straight face for the cameras, but laughed in their car.

malaika arora

For the bash, Malaika wore a satin maxi dress for the night. She completed her look with an embellished clutch, a pair of brown block heels and a layered bracelet. Soon after the video was uploaded, several users took to social media to poke fun at it. A user wrote, “Jaan buj ke kiya aisa lagta hai.” Another user wrote, “Galti se pakka lakin kuch dar ke liye dil garden ho gaya.” A netizen joked, “Thank God Arjun was not here.”

malaika arora

A few days back, Malaika opened up about her wedding plans with Arjun Kapoor and said that she is ready to tie the knot with the Half-Girlfriend actor. She also mentioned that she is in her most successful phase. Speaking to Bride Today, the actress wrote, “I feel I am in my most productive and successful phase right now and want to continue like this for the next 30 years. I don’t want to be less active and want to do a lot of things right now, I want to travel, and a family with Arjun, building our own home would be nice as I think we are both ready.

malaika arora

Viral video…
This video of Malaika and Ritesh Sidhwani is going viral on the internet. Internet users are commenting on Ritesh in various ways. Kunal wrote, no no, it is not a mistake… Seeing Ritesh, he held Malaika’s hand. Rida wrote, Caught by mistake but for a while the heart must have been a garden. Prateek wrote, it looks like it was done intentionally. Rannvijay wrote, he caught her by mistake and look amazing, Malaika was also walking behind him. Saksham wrote, Arjun must be looking for Ritesh after watching the video. Atiq wrote, Thank God Arjun was not there. Arshim wrote Oops moment.

Malaika is also in headlines for marriage
Malaika had recently told a magazine that she is planning to marry Arjun. However, he did not reveal about this when this planning would be successful. He said that some things in life should also be a surprise.


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