Rohit Shetty’s wife is more beautiful than Bollywood actress, but she works instead of films.

Rohit Shetty made his mark as a famous director of Bollywood. He has made many great action films. No one loves a person that much. Most of the actor films are of a big budget. But his life was equally difficult. Rohit Shetty achieved this position after a lot of hard work. Rohit has worked as a combat master in many Indian films and Canada. He also appeared as an actor. But even during this time he dreamed of becoming a director. which has finally been completed. Now many people will get to know about his life. But his personal life still remains largely untouched. Today we will tell you about his wife in this article.

Please tell that the name of Rohit Shetty’s wife is Maya Shetty. The director got married in 2005. This was the time when Rohit was fighting to make his mark. During this, Maya held his hand and did not leave till today. However, Maya has never appeared in a public place with her husband Rohit. The reason for this is that they are moving away from the spotlight. Yes, Maya does not like being in the limelight like the wife of other Bollywood celebrities. But right now, there are some pictures online. Whom people love so much. Also, they compare her with all the actresses. He says Maya looks less than an actress.

Maya works in a bank. Rohit and Maya have completely different careers. But they still share a good bond. It is known from its modern images. Apart from this, his company also gives proof that he is in a healthy relationship.

Let us tell you, both have been married for 17 years. He also has a child there. His name is Ishaan, Rohit Shetty. His son is 10 years old. He also likes to stay away from the limelight. He has never been seen in a public place like other star kids. However, the fans are quite happy knowing Rohit Shetty’s family. They also pray together for years and years.

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