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This is a 20’s movie of Bollywood. In which actress Aishwarya Rai crossed all limits with actor Sanjay Dutt. In which Sanjay Dutt fell in love with Aishwarya’s beauty.

Although Aishwarya rarely appears in bold scenes and romantic scenes. But if we talk about the songs of this movie, then they have crossed all the limits of boldness.

The name of this song is “Lo Shuru Ab Chahaton Ka” Aishwarya romanced with an actor of her father’s age, you will be surprised to see. Aishwarya is such an actress who always remains in discussions.

In this film, people are also liking the pair of these two a lot. Sanjay is also seen kissing Aishwarya on the bed in this song. And were also seen kissing on the neck.

In this song, Aishwarya was seen taking off her shirt and Sanjay was also seen lying on top of Aishwarya. Both of them were also seen kissing hotly with each other. He set the song on fire by romancing it.

Sanjay has romanced with Aishwarya in such a way that it is worth watching. Let us show you some hot scenes of them kissing and romancing. This movie was released on 4 February 2005.

For your information, this video has been shared from a YouTube account named Bata De and in these videos, Aishwarya has stolen everyone’s heart. Till now more than one lakh people have watched this video. Till now more than thousand people have liked this video.

Note – Each photo is symbolic (Photo Source: Google)

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