RRR star Ram Sharan lost his heart over this beautiful girl during her college days.

Ram Sharan does not need any identification today. Ram Sharan’s latest RRR film took the entire box office by storm. Ram Sharan is being praised not only in the country but all over the world. Ram Sharan has a different identity from this film. Its popularity has increased dramatically.

Let us tell you that Ram Sharan has successfully started his film career. And then he climbed the ladder of success one by one, and he tried his hand in Bollywood too. But he did not get the success he deserved in Bollywood. Let us tell you that Ram Sharan worked with Priyanka Chopra in Zanjeer Bollywood.

It was a revamped version of Amitabh Bachchan’s successful film Zingar. But unfortunately his film proved to be a flop in Bollywood. That’s why every film of the same South is a big success. Today, the actor has millions of followers. Many fans of the actor are excited to know about his career to personal life. Ram Sharan is the son of one of the most star-studded actors in the south, Cherangifi. Cherangifi produced many successful films in its time. Therefore, if we talk about the love of Ram Sharan, then Ram Sharan has married his girlfriend.

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The name of the star’s wife is Ram Sharan, Obasana Kamini. They have known each other since college. Both have completed their studies together. Let me tell you, at first there was friendship between these two and gradually this friendship turned into love. But the two often fought with each other a lot. Then in 2012, Obsanna and Ram Charan got married, creating a lot of ruckus among their relatives.

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