Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter was attacked by this foreign player, but Sara has someone else’s choice, know the full news

Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket, has a large number of fans. He played more than one match in his football career and led India to victory. Due to his excellent game, he achieved the title of God of Cricket. Let us tell you that once they land on their pitch, the opposing team has lost its sweat. The entire stadium seemed to resonate in his name. But now he has retired from cricket and is spending time with his family. Fans are still desperate to see him on the pitch, but he won’t be back.

Let us tell you that apart from cricket, Sachin loves his family very much. He is often seen with his family. He also shares many pictures with his family on social media. Because of this, Sachin Tendulkar often remains in the headlines. The reason for his being in the discussion is his photos and videos. But this time the reason why he is in the news is his daughter Sara Tendulkar. Recently, the news has spread widely. Because of everything in the limelight. There is talk of Sara’s relationship everywhere.

Actually, this news is everywhere, Devald Previs has liked Sara Tendulkar very much. Let us tell you that Devald Previs lives in South Africa. Dewald is a cricketer by profession. He currently plays for Mumbai Indians in IPL. Recently, he made the fans very happy by hitting 4 sixes in 4 balls. Sara, who came there to watch the game, was also very happy. Both eyes fought for the first time at the same time. It is then said that Devald Previs’s heart has fallen on Sara Tendulkar and Sara will marry him.

But tell me it is not so. No matter what news is widespread, Sarah is in love with someone else. Yes, Sara Tendulkar is said to be in love with Jill Chopman. According to media reports, both are in a relationship with each other. Shubman Gill is an Indian cricketer. Because of this, fans are speculating that it may be a little easier for Chopman to become the son-in-law of Sachin Tendulkar. Fans love the pairing of Shopman and Sara. Both were also seen together several times.

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