Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan has started liking this girl, wants to make his second wife

Salman Khan, this name is recognized today in the whole Bollywood and the whole world and everyone is also a big fan of it. This is because Salman Khan has done many films in his career so far and almost all of his films have got a lot of love and support from the people. Due to this, in today’s time, Salman Khan becomes such a big and famous actor of Bollywood and is getting the love of the people. At present, Salman Khan remains the subject of much discussion in social media and everywhere there is talk about him and his brother Arbaaz Khan.

This is because recently it has come to the fore about Arbaaz Khan that Arbaaz Khan is giving his heart to a beautiful girl and it is being told that both are going to get married soon. As soon as this news comes to the fore, talks are being done everywhere about it. Further in this article, let us tell you who is that beautiful girl whom Arbaaz Khan wants to marry and wants to make her his second wife.

Arbaaz Khan is giving his heart to this girl, wants to make her his second wife as soon as possible

Arbaaz Khan is known in today’s time all over Bollywood. This is because Arbaaz aja has become a big Bollywood personality. Arbaaz Khan has done many hit and superhit films in his film career so far and Arbaaz Khan is also a well-known director and producer of Bollywood. This is the reason that today he is named after so much in Bollywood.

Recently it has come to know about Arbaaz Khan that Arbaaz Khan is giving his heart to a foreign girl. The girl whom Arbaaz Khan wants to make his second daughter-in-law is Georgia Andriana and she is a foreign actress. In the next article, we tell you why it is being said that Arbaaz Khan and Georgia Andriana like a distant one and want to get married too.

Arbaaz Khan wants to marry Georgia Andriana. Because of this it is being said

After reading the article so far, you all have understood that recently a big thing has been revealed about Arbaaz Khan and that is that Arbaaz Khan likes a girl named Georgia Andriana and both of them will soon get married. want to do too. This is being said because both of them have been seen many times partying till late in the night. But let us tell you that as of now no official statement has come from Arbaaz and his new girlfriend, so this news has not been fully confirmed yet.

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