Salman spoke big for Hrithik, Hrithik also gave a befitting reply

Salman Khan is one of the biggest actors of the present times and in today’s time, Salman Khan is kinda respected a lot. This is because Salman Khan has been giving superhit films to Bollywood for a long time. Due to which the fan following of Salman Khan on social media India is also very high and Salman Khan’s film fans like and support Salman very much. But recently Salman has spoken some abusive words to one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan and his film. Further in this article, we will tell you what Salman Khan has to say about Hrithik and his film.

Salman Khan criticized Hrithik and his film, this is the reason

Salman Khan is a very big and famous actor of Bollywood. Due to which in the present time, everyone respects and gives respect to Salman too. But some time ago, Salman Khan has spoken some abusive words about actor Hrithik Roshan and his film, which is included in the list of one of the biggest actors of Bollywood. Due to which Salman Khan’s fans and Hrithik’s fans are also criticizing Salwar.

Actually something happened that in the year 2010, a film of Hrithik Roshan came which was named Guzaarish. Salman Khan had severely criticized both the film and Hrithik regarding the story of this film. After which Salman Khan became an object of criticism. Salman had said that mosquitoes were flying in that film of Hrithik and the dog did not even come to see his film. After which everyone called him bad on this thinking of Salman. Hrithik Roshan also gave a befitting reply to this criticism made by Salman. The article will also tell you about Hrithik’s answer.

Hrithik also gave a befitting reply, Hrithik gave this answer to Salman

Hrithik Roshan is a very big name actor of Bollywood. Due to which everyone knows and respects Hrithik in today’s time. Hrithik has given many hits and superhit films in his entire film career. Hrithik’s films have been liked by all and never criticized. But when Salman Khan criticized Hrithik’s film Guzaarish in the year 2010, everyone criticized Salman Khan in some way. Salman had said some abusive words about Hrithik and his film. To which Hrithik Roshan gave a befitting reply to Salman. Hrithik said that he respects Salman a lot but if a superstar like Salman makes such criticisms, then it does not suit him. From this it is clear that how big is Hrithik Roshan’s heart because he gave a simple and straightforward reply to Badi even when he was criticized for himself and his film.

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