Salman’s marriage is not happening due to his loose character, he himself opened the raw letter of his raffles

A question which is being asked in our country for years, but even after this the answer has not been found till date. That question is, when will 55 year old Salman Khan get married? Even after dating beautiful actresses like Somi Ali to Aishwarya and Katrina, Salman Khan is still a bachelor. Apart from this, there are many actresses with whom Salman’s relationship was only for a few years, but there was one actress with whom Salman Khan’s relationship reached the threshold of marriage. But then this relationship also had to return colorless.

In one of his interviews, Salman Khan told many bitter truths while talking about his love life. He said that there was a time in his life when he really wanted to get married, although things did not work out. It often happened to me that I came very close to marriage, but then I started to swell when I could get people’s hands. Some of my girlfriends believed that it is best to have a boyfriend, why suffer for life by forcibly marrying him. I also met some right people in my life, although still things did not work out.

In this interview, Salman further told that even marriage cards were printed with Sangeeta. But even after this we could not get married. In this interview, Salman also admitted that the reason for his break up with Sangeeta is his infidelity. According to Salman, Sangeeta had seen him with her own eyes while cheating. Let us tell you that Sangeeta was also 5 years older than Salman Khan.

If the information received from the media is to be believed, then Sangeeta Bijlani had caught Salman Khan with Somi as a ruckus. After this Sangeeta took a tough decision and broke the relationship there. After separating from Sangeeta, Salman Khan had a relationship with Somi for almost 89 years, but after that both of them also separated. Because it is said that Aishwarya Rai had come in the middle of their relationship at that time. And this time Salman left Somi and got busy with Aishwarya.

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