Sanjay Dutt, who has had relationships with many girls, has a special fondness for this and as a result, there have been 3 marriages.

Well known Bollywood actor Sanjo Baba aka Sanjay Dot has a huge fan base. Fans are crazy about his acting. Let us tell you, Sanjay Dot is a very famous actor. He has portrayed all kinds of characters on screen in his career. Let us tell you, there have been many ups and downs in Sanjay Dutt’s career. Along with his career, his personal life was also not normal. The personal life of the actor was very difficult. Sanjay had stopped getting films while in jail. But with time he improved himself and did many great films.

If you are talking about the personal life of the actor, then let us tell you that Sanju Baba had a total of 3 marriages. His first marriage took place in 1986. He did the same with Bollywood’s famous actress Richa Sharma. The marriage of both went well for some time. They also have a daughter named Trisha Dutt. After 10 years of marriage, in 1996, Sanjo’s wife Papa Richa left him and said goodbye to this world forever. After Richa’s departure, Sanjay Dutt became largely lonely. He needed a partner to deal with himself.

Because of this the actor married Pillai, released in 1996. But perhaps God did not agree with Sanjay and his side. It is said that whatever is written in fate, that will happen. Something similar happened with Sanjay Dutt. The actor’s second marriage also did not last long and after 8 years Rehai got divorced from Sanjay Dutt. Now again Sanjay Dot is completely alone. At the same time, the wrong image of Sanjay Dutt was born in the hearts of his fans, because he had done 2 marriages and both were not successful.

After the breakup of the second marriage in 2006, Pangai Dot took the hand of Bollywood actress Manyata Dot. Fans are very fond of the pair of both. Both the actors are together since 2006 and loved each other very much. Both the actors often share photos with each other. Pretty much any fan. Sanju Baba and Manyata Dot also have two children – Shahraan Dot and Reed Dot. Sanjo Baba’s family is very happy.

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