Sanskari Daya Ben did a wonderful dance wearing a bikini top, the fans said Mother Mataji, the video went viral

Actress Desha Vakani, who made a big name at home with the comedy show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah popularly known as Dayaben, says that she has worked continuously for 10 years in the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and her presence in the show has also been appreciated by the people. Liked it a lot. But she left during her pregnancy with Joe in 2017 and remains the mother of one child.

Daya Ben Dancing In Bikini 1

But till now the makers of Daya Ben show and their fans are waiting for her to return to the show again. But Dayabin’s side is yet to say that he is on the show again, speaking of Dayabin, he has posted a lot of his work on platforms other than television, and the simple, quirky-looking Dayabin has made another appearance. He has spread his good fire on the stage.

Recently a video of her went viral because she was seen dancing a lot in a blue bikini. As her video spreads on social media, let us tell you why everyone woke up to see this hot work for Dayaben, who plays the simple daughter-in-law in her show, which is why her video is in the news.

Daya Ben Dancing In A Bikini

This video of Desha Fakani has been spreading very fast for many years, but these days there is a lot of discussion on social media, where it is worth noting that Dayabin is seen doing a bold dance on the song “Bigri Ga Bigri”. Such kind of compassionate style has rarely been seen before. Jiya’s sister, who plays Githalal’s wife, left a huge footprint at the house.

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