Satish Kaushik’s daughter Vanshika reached the prayer meeting holding the hand of ‘Anupam Uncle’, watch the video…

Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik passed away on March 8 due to a heart attack. Bollywood celebs arrived to attend his prayer meeting yesterday. Bollywood celebs including Vidya Balan, Anupam Kher, Vivek Agnihotri, David Dhawan, Javed Akhtar, Boney Kapoor attended the prayer meeting of actor Satish Kaushik. At that time, actor Satish Kaushik’s daughter Vanshika was also seen in this prayer meeting. At the same time, Shashi, wife of actor Satish Kaushik, was also seen crying.

A few days ago Vanshika Kaushik posted an old picture. In which father and daughter were smiling in front of the camera. Vanshika didn’t caption the post and added a red heart emoji along with the photo on Instagram. A fan said- Your father will always be a part of you and he will always keep an eye on you. He will always be with you in your heart and memories. i love you very much

anupam kher and vanshika

While others wrote – Stay strong and take care of your mother. Satish Kaushik and his wife Shashi Kaushik were married in 1985. Their two-year-old son Shanu Kaushik died in 1996. Their second daughter Vanshika was born in 2012 through a surrogate.

anupam kher and vanshika

Bollywood director, writer, actor and comedian Satish Kaushik passed away recently. He went to Delhi for Holi celebrations and breathed his last there. The preliminary investigation conducted on him revealed that the death was due to a heart attack. He had chest pain late at night and died of a heart attack.

Satish Kaushik’s manager Santosh Rai said, That night Satish Kaushik started watching the film ‘Kaagaz 2’, so I went to my room. Around 12 o’clock Satish Kaushik called me to his room shouting that he was having trouble breathing and asked me to take him to the doctor immediately. He told to go to the hospital soon.

On the way, Satish Kaushik said to his manager, Santosh, I do not want to die. Save me I want to live for daughter Vanshika. I feel that I will not survive now. Take care of Shashi and Vanshika. Then he didn’t say anything. Actor Satish Kaushik was watching the film ‘Kaagaz 2’ at night when he had trouble breathing. (‘Kaagaz 2’ is yet to release but its shooting has been completed). The actor told his manager that he wanted to live for his daughter Vanshika.


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