Shahid Kapoor’s wife wanted to be separated from her husband shortly after marriage, husband Shahid did this act

Shahid Kapoor is a huge name in today’s entire Bollywood and there would be no one who would not like him. This is because in today’s time Shahid Kapoor is counted among the biggest and famous actors of Bollywood and everyone likes him very much and also wants a lot. Shahid Kapoor started his Bollywood career in the year 2003 and his first film name was Ishq Vishk. After which Shahid Kapoor gave Bollywood super hit films one after the other.

Recently, one such episode of Shahid Kapoor’s life is becoming very viral on social media and no one else but Shahid Kapoor himself has told about it in front of everyone. Shahid told about someone that when he was married to Meena Rajput, shortly after that his wife i.e. Meera had decided to separate from him and was almost about to separate. Shahid has also told about the reason for this, which you will tell further in the vertical.

Shahid had married Mira Rajput, but wanted to be a different wife

Shahid Kapoor has a very big name in the whole of Bollywood in today’s time and today he gets respect and love with full hair as well as a lot of respect and love in the whole country. Talking about Shahid’s personal life, he married in the year 2015 and his wife’s name is Mira Rajput. Due to his wife, he is becoming very crazy on social media and remains a topic of discussion everywhere.

This is because recently, during one of his interviews, Shahid has told that when he was married to Mira Rajput in the year 2015, shortly after that Meera i.e. his wife wanted to separate from him. Will tell who is absolutely true and it has not been disclosed by anyone but Shahid Kapoor himself and revealed it in front of everyone. Further in this article, we will tell you that what was the reason for this and what had happened to Shahid, due to which his wife wanted to separate from him after some time of marriage.

Mira Rajput came to know about Shahid’s actions, then took the decision to separate from her husband Shahid

Actor Shahid Kapoor has been the subject of much discussion on social media and everywhere he and his wife are being discussed. This is because during his recent interview, it is told that his wife wanted to separate from him shortly after marriage. Actually something happened that then Shahid and Mira Rajput were married in the year 2015, shortly after that a film of Shahid Kapoor was going to come which was named Udta Punjab.

Shahid Kapoor was going to watch the movie with his team even before the release of the movie and he also asked his wife if you would also walk. After this both Shahid and Mira went to watch the movie and during the interview, Mira started getting away from Sahib and was keeping some distance from him. When Shahid asked about it, Meera said are you really like the character of this film too. Meera spoke like this because Shahid Kapoor’s character in that film used to do some wrong things. On this, while explaining to me on the side, he said that he only played the role of a film and I am not like that at all in real life. After this Mira Rajput did not understand the matter and today we all know how happily both of them are spending their married life.

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