Shahrukh Khan again troubled because of son, once again had to go to court, this is a big reason

Shahrukh Khan, who does not recognize this name in today’s time and this is because it is not anyone else but Bollywood’s biggest considered actor Shahrukh Khan, who has a big name in the whole of Bollywood in today’s time. And everyone likes him very much and the Puranas also respect him. This is because Shahrukh Khan is included in the list of Bollywood actors who have given the most superhit films to Bollywood and ruled the hearts of people. Talking about Shahrukh’s personal life, he married Gauri Khan and today he has three children named Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam Khan.

Some time ago Shahrukh Khan’s elder son Aryan Khan became the subject of much discussion in social media and this was because he was taken inside the police for consuming wrong things. After which Aryan had to stay behind bars for about 4 weeks and during this time he became very viral in the media. Due to which his father Shahrukh Khan also had to face many problems and recently there has been news that Shahrukh is once again facing trouble because of his son Aryan. Let us tell you about it in detail further in the article.

Shahrukh is once again facing difficulties because of son Aryan

Aryan Khan is known in today’s time by going all over the media and that’s because today a few months ago Aryan Khan became very viral in social media and talks about him were everywhere. Aishwarya’s police had made her inside for consuming wrong things and she was also being prosecuted. Due to which his father Shahrukh Khan had to make rounds of the court and help his son and he had to make many efforts to get him out.

Recently also Shahrukh Khan has to make rounds of the court because of his son and this is because recently Aryan was called in the court and his case for consuming such thing came to the conclusion that Aryan Khan is completely innocent. Let us further tell you how Shahrukh was in trouble during this good news of Aryan.

The court’s good news was told to the son, but father Shahrukh was upset, this is the reason

After reading the article so far, you all do not understand that recently Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Aryan Khan was called in the court and declared her innocent in the case of consuming wrong things. But it came to light that his father Shahrukh Khan had trouble with it. This is because Shahrukh Khan is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film and he had to take time out of his busy shooting schedule to visit the court, but he is a father, so he had to do all this for his son, it is a duty. And Shahrukh is also happy in the happiness of the son.

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