Shahrukh Khan does not give money to his son Ariane after the cruise issue, and is forced to borrow money from these people

Famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has a huge fan base. Fans are crazy about his acting. Nowadays Shahrukh has made his place in the hearts of his fans. Let us tell you that King Khan is a very successful actor. He made more than one film in his career. Which the fans liked very much. Let us tell you that like career, Shahrukh deals with his personal life very easily. Actors love their family very much. The actor is survived by his wife Juri Khan, son Ariane Khan and daughter Sohna Khan. Fans love this Khan family very much.

Let us tell you that last year Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s son came forward in the drug abuse case. Because of this he had to spend 24 days in jail. However, he was released due to lack of evidence. The joy of his release from prison was clearly visible on the faces of the fans. They told us that after coming from prison, Ariane started to be very quiet. He didn’t even meet his friends and family early. At the same time, news also comes that after coming from jail, Shahrukh does not even give money to spend for his son. The proof of this is a photograph.

Recently, a picture of Ariane Khan has spread a lot. In the viral photo, Ariane Khan is shown asking for money. This photo of him has been posted on the social networking site Instagram. Because of this, Ariane Khan is also trolled. The viral picture was shared from all the papacy’s official Instagram accounts. Because of this, Ariane Khan and her father King Khan were in the headlines. Also, these pictures are quite a surprise for the fans of Ariane.

Talking about the viral photo, in the picture we can clearly see that Ariane Khan is asking for some money from his bodyguard. But let us tell you that while he is sitting in Ariane’s car, some poor children come to him and start asking him for money. Then due to lack of cash, he has to take some money from his bodyguard. Ariane takes this money and gives it to these poor kids. Ariane fans are very happy with this revelation.

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