Shahrukh Khan had said this with wet eyes when Aryan Khan became emotional on the issue of drug!

After the arrest of his son Aryan Khan in the drug case, Shah Rukh Khan and his family have kept silence on the matter. Aryan was arrested in October 2021 by NCB officials after a raid on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa. He even had to spend a few days in jail. He was granted bail on October 28. Recently, 24-year-old Aryan Khan has got relief in this matter. NCB has already filed a charge sheet in this regard. Aryan Khan was not named in the chargesheet. That is, Aryan has got a clean chit.

The days spent in jail by Aryan Khan were difficult for him. Meanwhile, his father Shahrukh Khan also came to meet him. NCB also called Aryan a drug peddler. However, no medicine was found from him. Shahrukh and his family have kept silence on the matter till now. However, now NCB Deputy Director (Operations) Sanjay Singh has disclosed this. He has revealed what happened to him with Shah Rukh Khan.

Sanjay Singh had formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate Aryan’s drug case. During the investigation, his name was linked to Aryan Khan and his father Shahrukh Khan. Now talking to India Today, Sanjay Singh has said what he said about Shahrukh Aryan after meeting him. He also said that while talking, Shahrukh had tears in his eyes.

Sanjay Singh revealed that during the investigation he came to know that Aryan’s father Shah Rukh Khan wanted to meet him. He had also agreed to meet Shahrukh while meeting the parents of the other accused. When Shah Rukh and Sanjay met, the actor expressed concern over his son Aryan Khan’s mental and emotional health. He told Aryan that he is not getting enough sleep. In such a situation, Shahrukh went to his bedroom and took care of him for the whole night.

According to Sanjay Singh, Shahrukh Khan had said that his son is being defamed due to lack of concrete evidence. With wet eyes Shahrukh told Sanjay, ‘We are being portrayed as some big criminals or demons, who have come to destroy the society. And that makes it difficult for us to work every day.

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