Shahrukh Khan is Isha Ambani’s father! Mukesh Ambani’s daughter told the big truth

The number of following fans of India’s biggest businessman Mukesh Ambani is very high. His name comes in the list of richest celebrities in the world. Let us tell you that Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani is very elegant. Nita is very beautiful. Stay in the headlines everyday. Behind their presence in the spotlight is either an image or expensive things. Let me tell you, Nita Ambani uses very expensive things. But this time he is in the discussion because of his daughter Isha Ambani.

The Ambani family is quite popular in the country. Everything from Ambani family parties to events is quite famous. The big stars of the country are desperate to attend the Ambani concert. At the same time, some artists are very close to the Ambani family. It also includes the name Shahrukh Khan. King Khan is a very good friend of Mukesh Ambani. But this time Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani disclosed this. King Khan called in his revelations like his father.

Talking about the viral discoveries, Isha Ambani said on stage at a party that her father Mukesh Ambani is a very good person, a very good father and husband. He is also like Shahrukh Khan. Like King Khan loves his family very much. Similarly, Mukesh Ambani spends his life on his family.

Later, Isha said that Shah Rukh Khan looks like her father. Which surprised everyone. Please tell that Shahrukh has been sitting with the Ambani family for a long time. He also saw the childhood of Isha Ambani. Because of this, Isha Ambani said that she is like her father.

Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan and his family are often spotted in the Ambani family’s parties and programs. Many of his pictures and videos also keep spreading day by day. Everyone seems to be having fun. Recently, some of these videos of Shahrukh have become very popular. He was seen having fun with Neeta and Mukesh’s sons. Fans are very much liking this video. Shahrukh is always seen in a fun mood with his family after watching the video.

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