Shahrukh Khan’s life is actually from worst to worse, these bad habits have also led to sleepless nights.

Shahrukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood industry, has a large number of fans following. Fans are crazy about his acting. The actor has made many great films in his career so far. Because of this, he made his place in the hearts of millions of people. Let us tell you that Shahrukh’s name is included in these actors, who forget to take care of their body due to work. Let me tell you, this happened many times, when he took a day off without eating. Shahrukh himself had disclosed this in one of his interviews. It is spreading very fast at the moment.

Let us tell you that there are many such actors in the Bollywood industry, who make a place in the headlines for one reason or the other. It also includes the name Shahrukh Khan. Actors were sometimes in the headlines because of their pictures and sometimes because of their videos. But this time one of his interviews is comprehensive. Shah Rukh was seen admitting that he smokes several cigarettes a day. Along with this, during that time he was also seen speaking openly about his food and health.

Talking about the viral interview, actor Shahrukh Khan said in his interview that he smokes more than 100 cigarettes in a day. His cigarette smoking numbers take people by surprise. He said that he does not drink water, he only drinks black coffee and drinks about 30 times a day. King Khan told that his father had a restaurant in Delhi. He said his father loved Bethany’s cooking. Also his mother was an expert in the manufacture of Hyderabadi food.

Till she was alive, she used to feed Shahrukh with her own hands. I took great care of them. But now Shahrukh does not take much care of himself and people on his side should take more care of him.

Let us tell you that Shahrukh was last seen in Zero. Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kew were seen with him in this film. The fans didn’t like it and it was a failure. Let us tell you that the actor will soon be seen in Pathan. His film will be released in 2023. Shahrukh’s look in the film also went well. His six pack and muscular body are clearly visible. Fans are eagerly waiting for this film.

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