Shahrukh Khan’s wife was ready to leave Shahrukh, because of this the wife was going to take such a big step

There is hardly any person in today’s time who does not know Shahrukh Khan and would not like him. Raees Shahrukh Khan becomes the king of Bollywood in today’s time and he has a huge name in entire Bollywood. Talking about Shahrukh Khan’s film career, he has given many years of his life to Bollywood and he has done many superhit films to Bollywood over the years and this is the reason that in today’s time, he has so much respect and love from everywhere. Get. Talking about Shahrukh Khan’s personal life, he married a girl named Gauri in the year 2019 and is happily spending his married life with her today.

Currently, Shahrukh Khan remains the subject of a lot of discussion in social media and talks about him are being done everywhere. The reason for this is none other than Gauri Khan, wife of Shahrukh Khan herself. This is because recently Gori Khan’s statement is before a long delay in social media in which she is seen saying that she may soon leave her husband Shahrukh Khan. Due to which Shahrukh and his wife are being discussed all over the social media. In this article, let us explain why Gauri Khan made such a big statement for Shahrukh.

Shahrukh Khan’s wife is ready to leave her husband, made a big statement in front of Karan Johar

There is no need to tell about how big a personality Shahrukh Khan is in today’s time. This is because Shahrukh Khan is considered to be the biggest actor of Bollywood today and he is also known as Badshah in Bollywood. Although Shahrukh Khan always dominates the social media, but in the present time, the reason for Shahrukh Khan’s presence in the media is something else. At present, the reason for Shahrukh Khan’s media coverage is his wife Gauri Khan himself.

This is because recently a statement of Gori Khan has spread very fast in the media, in which Gauri was seen speaking yesterday that she may soon leave her husband Shahrukh Khan. Gauri Khan has given this statement and has given it in front of Karan Johar in his own show Koffee with Karan. In the next article, let us introduce you to the reason why Gauri is ready to leave Shahrukh.

Gauri Khan wants to leave Shahrukh Khan, for this reason gave this big statement

After reading the article so far, you all must understand that at present, the discussion of Gauri Khan and her husband Shahrukh Khan is happening all over the social media and this is because recently a statement of Gauri is in the media in which Gauri said that she can leave Shahrukh soon. Actually something happened that Karan Johar asked Gauri Khan that as the wives of big and famous actors have left him, will you also leave Shahrukh Khan. In response to this, Gauri said that maybe. But let us tell you that Gauri had said this jokingly and in reality Shahrukh and Gauri are like two souls.

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