Shahrukh made fun of Vicky in a packed meeting, Vicky stopped talking to everyone in the meeting itself

Everyone knows about Shahrukh Khan in today’s time. Shahrukh Khan is considered to be the biggest Bollywood actor of the present time. This is because all the films of Shahrukh have become super hit. For this reason, the popularity of Shahrukh Khan is also very high and Shahrukh is known with Bollywood in the whole of India as well as in the whole world. From this, the popularity of Shahrukh Khan can be clearly estimated. This is the reason why Shahrukh Khan always dominates social media. Recently, Shahrukh Khan is once again dominating social media. Because Shahrukh Khan tried to humiliate the famous Bollywood actor named Vicky Kaushal in front of everyone. Yes, it is absolutely true that Shahrukh Khan tried to demean Bollywood’s famous actor Vicky Kaushal. You will know about the whole thing further in the article.

Shahrukh Khan made fun of Vicky Kaushal in front of everyone, this is the reason

Vicky Kaushal has become a very big and famous actor in today’s time. Because all the films that Vicky has done in the film career so far have been hits and superhits. Due to which Vicky Kaushal has more fans on social media at present and all the fans also like Vicky very much. Recently, Vicky Kaushal is becoming very viral on social media. The reason for this is Bollywood’s famous superstar Shahrukh Khan. This is because a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and it is being revealed from the video that Shahrukh Khan, the famous Bollywood superstar and the King of Bollywood actor, tried to humiliate Vicky Kaushal. . Let us tell you that Shahrukh had tried to do this work in front of Vicky’s father in a packed meeting. Yes, this is absolutely true and it is clearly visible in the video. Vicky Kaushal on Shahrukh Khan’s troll has given a befitting reply to Shahrukh and everyone who trolls Vicky. What did Shahrukh say that Vicky was getting trolled and in response to that Vicky also replied, we will tell you further in the article.

Vicky gave a befitting reply for making fun of Shahrukh, Kardi stopped speaking to everyone

Till now the article has fallen, it has been learned that recently Shahrukh Khan tried to troll Bollywood’s famous actor Vicky Kaushal. Shahrukh did this at an award show. Shahrukh had said this when Vicky Kaushal was facing difficulties in talking to some actresses present there. Which was ridiculed by Shahrukh Khan in front of Vicky’s father and in a packed gathering. In response, Vicky gave a befitting reply to everyone. This is because Vicky recently gave a befitting reply to everyone by marrying one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif.

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