Shakti Kapoor in shock after son Siddhant’s name in drugs case, said – I do not understand anything

In the Bollywood industry, the news of drug connections has started coming more and more in the last few years. The biggest celebs have been questioned in the drugs case. In one case, Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested and recently his name has been cleared. While one star kid got relief from the drugs case, the other star kid’s name seems to be getting stuck in it. According to media reports, the name of Shakti Kapoor’s son and actor Siddhant Kapoor is in discussion regarding drugs. Shakti Kapoor’s son and Shraddha Kapoor’s brother Siddhant has been accused of taking drugs. Actor Shakti has given his reaction on this matter. It is worth mentioning that he had no knowledge in this matter.

Shakti Kapoor reacted

Actor Shakti Kapoor reacted to the news saying that he came to know about it from a channel. They didn’t even know that such a thing had happened. Shakti further said- When I woke up at 9 in the morning there were reports that Siddhant has been taken into custody. Entire family is trying to contact but no one is picking up the call. I don’t understand what is happening.

Shakti has denied that Siddhant was taking drugs. He said – this is not possible. I don’t know what is happening, all I know is that no arrest has been made, only Siddhant has been taken into custody. Shakti Kapoor is shocked when Siddhant’s name comes to the fore in this case and he is refusing to even accept this.

Siddhant Kapoor in custody

Let us tell you that Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant Kapoor has been taken into custody after the police raid in Bangalore. He has been accused of taking drugs. His report has also come positive. According to the news, along with Siddhant, the drug test report of 6 other people has also come positive. Shraddha’s brother Siddhant was partying at a hotel on MG Road in Bengaluru where the police raided.

Shakti Kapoor was also asked whether Siddhant had gone to Bangalore. On this he said that yes he is a DJ and he keeps going to parties for his work and that’s why he was in Bangalore. I don’t know where all this news is coming from. All I know is that it’s not true.

Siddhant is also a Bollywood actor but till now he has not got a single hit film. Siddhant worked in the film Haseena Parkar. His sister Shraddha was also seen in this film. Although this film flopped badly. Apart from this, those faces were also seen in the film but despite the presence of Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi, the film audience did not like much.

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