Shiv Thackeray bought a new car after Bigg Boss 16 show, celebrated with father and friends, watch video…

Bigg Boss 16 contestant and Marathi winner is a huge fan of Shiv Thackeray. He emerged as the runner-up of the reality show hosted by Salman Khan. He may have lost the winner’s trophy to his close friend MC Stan, but the reality star is receiving tons of love, fans and appreciation from all over the world. After hinting at buying a new car, Shiva has finally bought a new car. Scroll down to watch the video…

shiv thackeray buy a car

After his successful stint in Bigg Boss 16, Shiv Thackeray has bought a new black Tata Harrier car. In the viral video, he can be seen celebrating with his father and his friends. Shiv Thackeray was spotted by the paparazzi when he reached a Tata showroom to pick up his new Tata Harrier. Looking all dapper in a suit, he beamed with joy as he posed for the camera. Happiness can be clearly seen on his face in the pictures going viral on the internet. Scroll down to watch the video…

shiv thackeray buy a car

Shiva celebrated the achievement with fans and others present at the showroom. They had a great time as they enjoyed the success and received blessings and love from all. Shiv Thackeray was seen feeding sweets to those who congratulated him on buying a new car. Scroll down to watch the video…

shiv thackeray buy a car

From breaking the coconut to unveiling the car, the reality TV star followed all the traditions before taking his new SUV for a ride on the streets of Mumbai. He cut a cake and fed it to the people who cheered him. His viral video is too cute for words. Scroll down to watch the video…

shiv thackeray buy a car

Speaking on the occasion, Shiva said, “My life has definitely changed now.” I have also booked my car now. It was really surprising. I am saying this for the first time in front of everyone. When I left for job I told my friend, if you have job then you don’t need to bring car, I go to my work by rickshaw. Because I travel in my friend’s car. While going by rickshaw many people were stopping to see me. I love all these.

shiv thackeray buy a car

Life changed even after ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’. But now life has changed even more than that.” Shiva’s another dream of buying a car has now come true. When asked if he is disappointed for not winning Bigg Boss 16, Shiv Thackeray in an interview to a media house said, “What had to happen happened. The trophy has gone to my troupe and my friend (MC Steyn).” I am happy with it and I am also happy that I was there till the last day. I got what I wanted with all my heart. I was also appreciated. I have come with what I went for.

“Some things are not in our hands, which we do with enthusiasm. But sometimes some things are for the best. So that your appetite does not decrease in future. And my appetite increased, whatever door will open in front of me and whatever show I will do, I will do it with enthusiasm. Some things are not in our hands. Those who join me are happy. Hopefully I will stand by those who stand by me. And I will help them achieve their dreams somehow.


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