Shocked to see Kajol, Salman Khan said that if he had married her at that time, he would have been grandson and granddaughter now.

The brother of the Bollywood industry, Jean Salman Khan has a huge fan following. Fans are crazy about his representation towards his character. He made his place in the hearts of crores of people by representing himself. The actor has always surprised people by representing him. He has played almost all kinds of roles in his career so far. Because of this, nowadays it is known in the country and abroad. Recently their identity has gone viral. Viral searches reveal Salman’s first love.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan’s name often remains in the headlines of the Bollywood industry. Sometimes he remains in the discussion because of his films and sometimes because of his videos. But this time the reason he is in the news is a revelation. The viral was disclosed by Salman himself. The actor made this disclosure in his own show Bigg Boss. The actor said that if he had married his first love now, he would have become a lot. Everyone present there was surprised to hear. At the same time, they start laughing out loud.

Actually, in the past, actor Ajay Devjan along with his wife Kajol came to Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss’. During which everyone was having a lot of fun. While talking, Salman Khan told Kajol that he is in love with a girl. Had Salman married him, he would have become a grandfather at the moment. At which everyone laughs. Salman then says that it was good, and that he did not express his love for the girl, otherwise he would have played the role of grandchildren throughout his youth. Fans laugh a lot with this revelation of him. At the same time, users are seen reacting strongly to this detection.

Well, we were told that both brothers Jean Salman Khan and actress Kajol have also appeared together in many films. These include great films like 1998’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 2007’s Om Shanti Om, 1995’s Karan-Arjun, 2018’s Zero, 1998’s Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya and 1997’s Prithvi. Fans liked these movies very much.

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