Shri Devi pushed Sanju Baba out of his room, this was the big reason

Sridevi has been a very big and famous actress of Bollywood. All the films that Shree has done in his entire career, his fans have also liked him very much and people have given a lot of love to Sridevi. Due to which Sridevi became the most favorite actress of Bollywood at that time. At that time Sridevi was called Bollywood’s most beautiful actress and everyone was crazy about Sridevi’s acting and beauty. The youth of the whole country wanted to marry only Sridevi. From this, it can be estimated that how much was Sridevi’s fan following and even today Sridevi’s fan following is very high. Sridevi had passed away a few years back but still there was no difference in her fan following. In the present time, Sridevi has become viral on social media due to an anecdote from her life. To tell about whom, it is that once Sridevi got one of Bollywood’s legendary actors Sanjay Dutt i.e. Sanju Baba thrown out of his room. Further in this article, we will tell you why Sridevi did this and why she kicked Sanjay Dutt out of his room.

Sridevi pushed Sanjay Dutt out, know the full news

There is no person in today’s time who does not know Sanjay Dutt. This is because Sanjay Dutt is one of the very big and veteran actors of Bollywood. Sanjay Dutt has done many films in Bollywood and people of all his films have also given a lot of love. Due to which Sanjay Dutt is counted among the biggest actors of Bollywood. They are becoming very viral on social media and are the subject of discussion everywhere. This is because recently an anecdote of his and Sridevi’s life has been covered on social media. The anecdote is that once when Sanjay Dutt had gone to meet Sridevi, Sridevi threw Sanjay Dutt out of the room. Yes, this 13 anecdote is absolutely true. Let us tell you why Sridevi did this.

Sanjay Dutt had gone to meet Sridevi, Sridevi left the room with a shock, this is the whole news

After reading the article so far, all of you have understood that at present, a part of the life of Sridevi and Sanjay Dutt has become very viral on social media. The anecdote is that when Sanjay Dutt went to meet Sridevi, he threw Sanjay out of his room. Actually something happened that Sanjay Dutt drank too much that day, due to which his face also looked very strange. When Sanjay Dutt went to meet Sridevi with this appearance, Sridevi got scared seeing him and called the security and got Sanjay Dutt out of his room. At that time Sanjay Dutt was not an actor or any big personality and no one knew Sanjay in him. This was the reason that Sridevi pushed Sanjay out of the room.

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