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Punjabi singer and rapper Sidhu Moosewala is no more with us. Recently some unknown people fired on him, due to which he said goodbye to the world on the spot. According to the news, he was going to his village Mansa with his two friends when such a big incident happened to them on the way. This sudden attack has shaken the people. No one can believe that in this way Sidhu Musewala will leave everyone.

It takes people years to get the fame and love that Sidhu, just 28 years old, had got in his life. He had tremendous value in the Punjabi industry. Along with fame and love, he also earned tremendous money. So let us tell you some special things related to the life of Sidhu Musewala today. Also, will tell you what Sidhu Musewala left behind after him.

Sidhu Moosewala was the owner of so much property

Talking about the net worth of Sidhu Musewala, in the year 2022, he was the owner of 4 million dollars i.e. 29 crores. He was one of the most expensive cigars in the music industry. Sidhu used to earn around Rs 35 lakh in a month. He used to earn money through movies, TV shows and live concerts. Let us tell you that Sidhu used to charge around 6 to 8 lakh rupees for a song. At the same time, he used to charge 20 lakh rupees for live concerts.

Sidhu’s source of income also depended on brand promotions. Also, he used to get money from YouTube channel. Actually Sidhu also had a YouTube channel which he created in October 2017. Till this year he had more than 10 million subscribers. He was earning well from YouTube and every year his earnings were increasing. Musewala lived quite a luxury. He also has a house in Brampton, Canada which is quite expensive. The house also has five bedrooms, a swimming pool and a gym. His family has stayed there. Apart from this, he also has another house in Mansa village of Punjab which he had built recently.

Sidhu will remain in the hearts of fans

Moosewala was one of the most celebrated stars of the Punjabi music industry. Not only did he sing songs for Punjabi but also Hindi films, which were well-liked. Moosewala had a good fan following not only in the country but also abroad. He was also a huge hit on Instagram. He had 7.2 million followers. He also used to earn a lot through many brand endorsements.

Sidhu had to face a lot of criticism and trolling in his career but he listened to his heart and not to the haters. His songs were also accused of promoting gun violence. However, there was never a shortage of his fans. Today, when he has left this world, everyone’s eyes are moist. Sidhu may have left this world but he will never leave the hearts of his fans.

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