Singer Sangeeta Sajith, who worked with AR Rahman, has passed away

Playback singer Sangeeta Sajith, who has been active in backing vocals since the early 1990s, died on Sunday due to kidney ailment. She was 46 years old.

Music performed 200 songs

With more than 200 songs in four South Indian languages, he composed A.R. Rahman’s Mr. Romeo’. She made her singing debut with the 1992 Tamil film Nalaiya Therapu. His most popular song in Malayalam is ‘Ambilli Poovattam’ by Ennu Swantham Jankikutty from 1998. Dhoom Dhoom Dooritho from the 2007 film Rakkilipattu, Alare Govinda from the 2001 film Kakkuil and Odathandil Thalam Kittam from the Pazhasiraja. Other major hits.

death in thiruvananthapuram

The senior singer is suffering from kidney-related ailments and is undergoing treatment. He died on Sunday morning at his sister’s house in Thiruvananthapuram. The last rites were performed at Shanthi Kavadam in Thiruvananthapuram’s Thykode on Sunday evening. The song “Pani Pyar Wala” sung by Mr Romeo with music by AR Rahman was well received. Rhythm Go and Escape sung by Ayyappan and Koshi Sangeeta, and Alare Govinda by Kakkakuyal are some of the most popular songs from recent films.

his last song

Indian actress and singer KB Sunderbal’s song ‘Gyan pazhathai pyzhinth’ also praised the singer for her incredible ability to sound like Sunderbal. Sajith was given a gold necklace by the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa when she was seen performing the song at the Tamil Nadu Government Film Awards ceremony. The recently released Malayalam film ‘Kuruthi’ was the theme song of ‘Raag’.

Sangeeta sang the song ‘Janapalattai Pillindu’ at the Tamil Nadu government’s film awards ceremony in the presence of the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. According to The New Indian Express, Jayalalithaa, impressed by the song, presented him a 10-piece gold necklace.

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