Some catchy and funny T-shirt slogan.

We mostly have seen the same hilarious phrases on T-Shirt. It catches our eyes at once glance.

During walking and traveling we have come across so many people wearing a T-shirt. Sometimes on shop-window, these phrases catch our eyes for a second and intend us to read it. Here we could see the message of the secret of a happy married life. It is curetted as, ‘Happy wife Happy life’. With a picture of women and men, Where men are offering money and respect to women with great respect.

31 Awesome Funny Slogan Tees for Men to Buy Online -

In the second we could see that pressure created by the boss. On that T-shirt, it is written as, “ Na Rahega Boss Na Bajegi Bossuri”. In this, we could see the funny way of avoiding the boss and pressure. We should aware, while using words. It may have different meanings for others.

31 Awesome Funny Slogan Tees for Men to Buy Online -


Over here we could see the message given by the person in a funny way of his daily needs as, “Rozy and Roti”, Here Rozy is a girl, which is his daily needs. The person wearing this type of T-shirt displays a message if his swag level.

31 Awesome Funny Slogan Tees for Men to Buy Online -

Sarcastic One,

On the T-shirt, the message is,” I’m here to F*** Someone’s wife “. His level of confidence is above the cloud. It’s is a cool and sarcastic sentence which anyone wants to put on his body.

I Am Here To Fuck Someones Wife Cool Sarcastic Funny Slogans ...

Funny one,

In this T-shirt, we could see a great message in a funny way. As there is a well-known phrase that avoids a person who speaks a lot and focuses on your work. But in this T-shirt, we could glance at a cartoon of the dog as barking and message displayed as, “Bhokle!! Aaj Tera Din hai”. It’s once again an amazing way of giving a harsh message in an easy and simple way.

There are so many memes that have been made on engineers. So there is a funny tagline on this T-shirt regarding an engineer. Here that guy is trying to convince the other person on his thought and asking for trust because he is an engineer.  

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