Sonu Taarak Mehta posted pictures, people came to know about the dirty hut in the background

TV’s most popular comedy show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has been spreading smiles on people’s faces for years. Every time there is so much modernity in the show that people do not get bored of it for many years. This is the reason why the show till date is number one in terms of TRP. Apart from the big actors on this series, the child actors are also very famous. The audience also has a deep bond with these child actors as people have seen these kids grow from young to adult in the same show. The show stars child artist Neddy Behnushali, who once played Sono, the daughter of Atma Ram Behid. Actress Neddy is more active on social media. But now you may wonder why we are telling you all this. So sir, the reason for this is a viral image. Let us know the full story in detail.

Actually, NDI Behnushali, who is very active on social media, keeps sharing her beautiful photos and adventure videos on social media. However, her image circulating online these days has heated up the market for discussions. In fact, in this photo spread on social media, where Nidhi is looking as good as ever, what was taken in the background caught everyone’s attention. Whoever saw this picture asked what was happening behind it. Now people are starting to guess who it could be.

Actually, these pictures of Nidhi were shared by the coach who played Goli in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, who shared many pictures from his Instagram account, including these. The focus of all these images was Neddy. If you go by the date these photos, they are 3-year-old Neddy’s birthday photos shared by Neddy. Although this post was a collection of 8 images, people carefully looked at this number three image.

After seeing this picture, everyone asks the same question which is in the background. At the same time, it turns out that some of them were so numerous among other things that they found out who was in the background of the picture. People guess that it is just a bullet i.e. Kush. Many people wrote in the caption, ‘Gali Beta of Masti Nahi. Many people clearly wrote, ‘This is a pill. At the same time, the social media user identified the bullet bracelet. However, it is not clear who this person really is, as neither Coach nor Neddy have disclosed this. In such a situation, people can only guess.

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