Soon water will be charged in Bihar, know how much tax will have to be paid

At present, free water is being provided to the people in Bihar, but the government will soon impose tax on water. Yes, water tax will be levied on all institutions in Bihar in the next 3 months. Please tell that this water tax will be recovered under the Drinking Water Use Fee Policy 2021. Till now water was available free of cost, but now those taking government drinking water connection will have to pay tax. All the institutions of the state of Bihar, including the capital Patna Municipal Corporation, will soon start collecting water tax under the Drinking Water Use Fee Policy 2021.

About one crore people have got water connections in all the institutions of Bihar. The Municipal Corporation Department has prepared a complete blueprint for recovery of water tax. In the next 3 months, people’s house bills will start coming. It is being told that water tax will be imposed from April. Water bill will be prepared on the basis of property tax. According to sources, water bill will be levied on those who have tap connection in their house and property tax will also be paid. On the other hand, if a person does not have a tap connection in his house and he pays property tax, then he will not be charged water bill.

In addition, property taxpayers up to Rs 1,000 will be charged Rs 40 per month and Rs 480 per year. On the other hand, if one pays Rs 1001 to Rs 2000, Rs 65 per month and Rs 780 per year property tax and Rs 100 to Rs 3000 property tax, Rs 120 per month and Rs 1440. Fee will be charged annually. , Apart from this, the tax levied in all the municipal corporations is divided into 5 parts. The first type is water used for domestic purposes, the second is small and large industrial units, the third is establishments such as hotels, restaurants, service stations. In the fourth category, government institutions and non-government organizations such as private schools, coaching institutes, colleges and nursing homes have been placed in the fifth category.

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