Story of Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie leaked, makers lost crores

Bollywood film industry is a very big industry and the big superstar of this big industry is Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan is a very big superstar and Shahrukh has done many hit and superhit films. Due to which everyone knows Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh is called the King of Bollywood Industry and he got this name from his super-duper hit film “Badshah”. From this it is clear that everyone has a lot of respect for Shahrukh.

Recently, Shahrukh Khan has been the subject of discussion on social media. This is because the story of Shahrukh’s upcoming movie “Lion” has become. Recently, Shahrukh has signed a film named Lion. The shooting of this film had not even started and according to a report, the story of the film has been leaked. Due to which the producer-directors of the show have already got several crores of rupees before the shooting of the film. Further in this article, we will tell you about the leaked story in the story of Lion movie.

Story of Shahrukh Khan’s film leaked, this is the story

Shahrukh is a big superstar of today. Due to which everyone knows and respects him in today’s time. Recently, the story of Shahrukh’s upcoming movie “Lion” has been leaked. The story goes something like this – Shahrukh Khan plays a father in the film and his son successfully controls a train. And asks the government a lot of money to leave the train. This story shows that if the story of this film was not leaked, then it was sure to be a super hit, but the chances of it becoming a hit are gone. The chances of loss of crores to the producers and directors have increased a lot. Further in this article, we will talk to you about how much damage can be caused to these filmmakers.

The makers of the film have suffered a loss of so many crores.

Shahrukh Khan is considered as the King of Bollywood today and everyone respects him a lot. Recently, due to the leak of the story of Shahrukh’s upcoming film Lion, the place has been talking about this film. The story of Lion film has been leaked even before its release, due to which it is being speculated that the makers of this film may have to see a loss of several crores. Due to the leaking of the suspense story in this film, the chances of it flopping have increased a lot. Due to which this film and Shahrukh have become very much in the media everywhere.

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