Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh didn’t leave Dimble Kapadia until after 40 years, they had unveiled the big

Sunny Deol is one of these names, who made their mark in the Bollywood industry on the basis of their representation. Its popularity is not only in the country but also in the world. Actor Sunny Deol made films one after the other just like his father. People still remember his dialogues. Be it his interview with Date On A Date or a conversation with Katya from the film ‘Kisan Ka Haath Hai’ from Ghatak. The actor who holds two and a half kilos i.e. Sunny Baggy’s hand is crazy. The actor was in debate about his career as well as love life.

Famous actor Sunny Deol started his film career in 1983. Sunny Deol’s debut film Betaab was a huge success. The audience liked his film a lot. Sunny Baaghi is as tough on the outside as it is soft on the inside. In his film career, he fell in love with many girls and his name was associated with many girls. But amongst all the girls, his relationship with famous actress Amrita Singh and Dimble Kapadia was the subject of much. It was actress Amrita Singh who confirmed Deol’s sunny relationship with Kabadia Vink. The relationship between the two came to the fore when both of them got married. Sunny Deol was married to Pooja while Dimble Kapadia was married to Rajesh Khanna. Both were seen together in many places.

After the death of Debel’s sister Kapadia Simple, Sunny Deol also went to Dimble’s house to console her. During that time it was also reported that Flash Khanna and Rinke Khanna had started contacting Sunny Chhote Papa for some time. Seeing Dimble Kapadia and Sunny Deol’s relationship, Sunny’s wife Deul Pooja Sunny threatens that she will take her children away from him. After listening to him, Sunny Deol distances himself from his love for Dimble Kapadia to save the family from disintegration. Then in 2017 both were seen together in Monaco. Both were seen sitting in each other’s hands. This picture of him has been covered on social media.

On the other hand, if we talk about Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia, then both have made many big films together in their film career. It includes the names of many movies like “Arjun”, “Manzil-Manzil”, “Aag Ka Gola”, “Guna” and “Narasimha”.

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