Sunny Leone slapped the reporter, asking how much she charges for ‘night programs’

Sunny, who was in Surat during Holi, gave a befitting reply to a reporter when asked how much she charges for ‘night shows’ now that she is a film star. The incident took place at a Holi event titled ‘Play Holi with Sunny Leone’.

Her husband Daniel Weber had reached the hotel early in the morning. Things took a turn for the worse when a drunken intruder barged into their room and asked for a strange favor. Due to this, the organizers got worried that due to all these antics, Sunny might not be thrown out of the program. When the reporter asked Sunny the wrong question, without thinking twice, Sunny slapped the reporter hard but Sunny was a complete professional,

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And yet she danced on the stage for 15 minutes. She had strictly informed the organizers that she would come only when there was no media inside. However, Sunny lost her temper when a reporter from a national news channel started interviewing her in the corridor. The Bollywood actress apparently got so angry with him that she slapped the man on his face in public.

When Sunny Leone revealed why she didn't walk out of that infamous interview - Hindustan Times

The reporter asked him: “You were a porn star earlier, now you are a film star. So how much do you charge now? How much do you charge for a one-night stand?” Sunny’s husband also gave her full support. Onlookers said Sunny didn’t think twice before killing the reporter in the presence of hotel staff and visitors.

Her husband Daniel was heard saying: “Sunny has given a befitting reply to the reporter so we are not filing any police complaint. The organizers were also college kids so we don’t want to spoil their career. But from now on, Sunny will think a thousand times before coming to Gujarat.” Sunny is one actress who knows when to keep quiet and when to give a befitting reply, and what Sunny did here was absolutely right.


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