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Bollywood’s well-known actress Sushmita Sen and TV actress Charo Asuba’s sister-in-law have a huge fan base. Fans are more interested in the personal life of the actress than acting. Let me tell you, Charo had made a distance from the industry. Now she devotes all her time to her family. In the past, Charo became the mother of a child. He has shared many pictures from his Instagram. This time a video of him is becoming quite viral. Which fans like very much. Users have been shown reacting fiercely to the actress’s video.

Let us inform that Charo Asuba is an actress as well as a video blog. He has a YouTube channel. She shares the things of her daily life with her fans. This time also something similar, when one of his videos touches the hearts of the fans. The actress shared a video blog from her daughter Gianna’s Annabrachan concert with her fans. Which fans like very much. In the video, the four also cry while speaking. Can’t stop tears even after seeing any of his fans.

If we talk about the viral video, then all four are seen talking a lot in the video. Along with this, he also added some clips of his daughter Gianna. In one part of the video, Charo can be seen sleeping with his daughter Gianna on his chest. After this she says that the feeling of becoming a mother is very special for her. He is very happy with Gianna. ‘ She was also seen talking about raising Gianna. Meanwhile, Charo cries as he speaks.

In the video, Charo also goes to their new home with their daughter Gianna. Construction work is going on. At the same time, many people are seen in the Annabrachan way in Guiana. According to the information, Gianna’s aunt Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen also gave a gift. The actress gave a silver spoon to her niece. In this bowl of your spoon, Boa loves you written. Which sounds good enough.

Let us tell you that all four often share these great videos on their channel. Fans are shown on the video of the actress describing her daughter as good and beautiful. Looks like fans are loving this video for him and his good daughter.

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