‘Taimur had knees’, Sara Ali Khan came out of the house wearing shorts, fans asked many questions after seeing the pictures!

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is a fitness freak and is known for her transformation. Sara Ali Khan has completely changed herself by losing a lot of weight and this journey is still not taking the name of stopping.

Recently some pictures of Sara have surfaced on social media, which has also surprised her fans.

Talking about Sara’s look, this time the actress was seen in pink hot pants and sleeveless crop top. Sara had parted her hair and had pink slippers on her feet. This cute style of Sara is being liked a lot

The paparazzi go out to see Sara every day and there is a lot of discussion about her look. Gyms, yoga and Pilates classes come and go almost daily. While Sara was once again spotted, netizens were surprised to see her belly.

Actually Sara’s stomach is feeling on the waist. In such a situation, netizens are writing shocking comments on his pictures. After seeing these photos of Sara, a user wrote, ‘The camera got out of her stomach’. The person in front wrote, ‘You look malnourished.’ Not only this, seeing Sara’s stomach, a fan asked, ‘How can you stop pants on such a thin stomach and waist?’

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