The actress who opened clothes for the first time in front of the camera was Dilip Kumar’s sister-in-law, such was the relationship between the two

Today’s era is the period of the exhibition of the body, the one who shows the most here sells the most. Today, from actresses, models to common girls, they keep making a splash on Instagram with their glamorous style. But leaving aside the matter of today and going from 1950 to 1960, this thing was not common at all. At that time, actresses were even afraid of filming such photoshoots to leave romantic scenes. There was an actress in that era, whose name was Begum Para. Perhaps the people of today’s era have not heard his name. But let us tell you that Begum Para was the only actress who shook the country by getting glamorous photoshoot done at that time. After this, it was as if the name of Begum Para was being heard in the whole country. So let’s know some special things about Begum Para.

Begum Para was born in the Punjab province of Ghulam Hindustan, which is now part of Pakistan. Let us tell you that Begum Para was born in a Muslim family, apart from her, she had 10 other siblings. Born in Punjab, Begum Para was brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Begum Para’s father was the Chief Justice here. At the same time, the actress completed her studies from Aligarh University.

This was the period where marriages used to take place at a very young age. Begum Para also married Dilip Kumar’s younger brother Nasir Khan. However, there was a figure of 36 between Jeth Dilip Kumar and Bahu Begum Para. Both of them did not get along with each other at all and there used to be a tumultuous relationship between these two. Begum Para used to say for Dilip Kumar that if he is Dilip Kumar then I am Begum Para.

When her husband left this world in 1974, Begum Para also left India and moved to Pakistan in 1975. However, after two years she returned to India. And once again she started trying to spread her acting skills in Bollywood. Begum Para made her presence felt in Bollywood by acting in powerful films like ‘Soni Mahiwal’, Neel Kamal, ‘Laila-Majnu’ and ‘Kismat Ka Khel’.

However, Begum Para had got stardom in her early stages. There used to be a long line outside his house just to get a glimpse of him. With her strong acting, she was ruling millions of hearts together that she got such a photoshoot done, after which only her discussions started happening in the industry. After this, the magic of Begum Para started speaking on the whole country.

In the era when women were imprisoned in Indian traditional dress saris, they got a photoshoot done for Life magazine which was never seen before today. Begum Para was not only seen performing an organ in it but was also seen taking a puff with a cigarette in her hands. This photoshoot was done by the then famous photographer James Burke. After this, the image of Begum Para changed, she got recognition as the glamorous girl of Bollywood.

If you remember, Begum Para was the one who played Sonam’s grandmother in the 2007 film Saawariya starring Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. This film was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. In the year 2008, he left the world at the age of 81. At present, his son Ayub Khan is working in the Bollywood industry only.

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