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The country’s big industrialist Ratan Tata always remains the subject of discussions among the people. Let us tell you that he has fulfilled the dream of the common people to buy a car. He launched the Tata Nano, which was very cheap, which was liked by the people and it was sold in large quantities, now once again Ratan Tata is planning to launch an electronic version of his such Nano.

Tata Nano Electric 3

Let us tell you that a video of Ratan Tata in Hindi is becoming very viral in which he reached the Taj Hotel sitting in his dream car Nano, during which there was no security guard in front of him and no one present to drive his car for his security. His simplistic video during this time he reached the Taj Hotel is becoming quite viral.

Ratan Tata has once again won the hearts of his fans. But do you know that according to the news, there is an electronic version in the Nano car in which they reached the Taj Hotel, yes you heard right, the company is considering to launch an electronic version of Nano. Ratan Tata himself has also given feedback regarding this ElectraEV.


Giving information on Linkedin by Tata Motors, it was told that Ratan Tata himself liked this vehicle very much and went for a walk as well. Let us tell you that after this information came out, many things started going on about the electronic version of Nano, although no information has been shared by Tata Group about this car yet.

Tata Nano Electric 1

If the electronic version of the Tata Nano comes in the market, then the dream of common people to travel in an electronic vehicle will also come true. Let us tell you that Ratan Tata was given a 72 volt Nano EV version. It is said about this car that OR catches the speed of 0 to 60 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds. There is a seating capacity of maximum 4 people in this car. However, no information has been given about its launch and price yet.

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