The issue of brokers for land registry is over! Now all the work will be done online, know the details..

Desk: Now it has become very easy to register land in Bihar. Land registration is generally considered to be a very costly transaction. In Bihar, the government charges a hefty fee for this, so the registry employees do not move forward without appointment. The bookkeeper who prepares the documents for land registration also has to pay a huge amount.

No need to worry now: In fact, the government has introduced a way to pay stamp duty online for land registration. After that you will not have to make illegal payment for stamp paper. Apart from this, there is no need to prepare any document for land registration. The government has prepared several model deeds for land registration in Hindi, English and Urdu. The details of land, seller and buyer can be prepared by filling in the blanks.

Now 20 percent registration will be done through model deed: Now at least 20 percent registration will have to be done through model deed in all the registration offices. All 125 registration offices in the state will have to follow this. Prohibition Order, Excise and Registration Commissioner B Karthikeya Dhanji has given instructions to the junior registrars of all the districts in this regard. He said that in the last three-and-a-half months, around 14,000 registrations have been done through model deed without any co-operation. Apart from this, the government has also directed the employees to complete the process of land registration within a day.

Stamp duty waiver up to Rs 2,000: The commissioner said that the model deed contains complete information and procedure so that any person can make a copy of the deed online without any help. 31 types of Model Deed Registration are displayed on the website of the Department in Hindi, 31 in English and 29 in Urdu. Apart from this one percent or maximum Rs. Help (I Help You) counters have also been opened at the registration offices to help people register through model deed.

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