The officer did the wrong thing in the police interrogation of Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi, took advantage of his position

In today’s time, Nora Fatehi has made a huge name for herself in the Bollywood film industry. Nora is known to everyone in today’s time. Nora is known for her acting and her dance. Wahi Jacqueline Fernandez has also become a very big and famous actress of Bollywood. Jacqueline has been very much dominated on social media for some time. This is because of her boyfriend known as Sukesh Chandrashekhar. For your information, let us tell you that Sukeh betrayed the government. Sukesh has made a mess of 250 crores. Due to which the police interrogation is going on with Sukesh and the police is interrogating people close to Sukesh. Due to this the police are interrogating Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi. The police is interrogating Nora because Nora Fatehi is also a close friend of Sukesh.

It is being told that Sukesh has given many gifts to Nora and Jacqueline and if they tell their price, then the value of those gifts is being told to be worth crores of rupees. Due to which both the actresses are dominated on social media, which is clearly their friend Sukesh Chandrashekhar. It is learned from the sources that an officer investigating in this case is taking wrong advantage of his position and powers along with Jacqueline and Nora. In this article, we will tell you what is the name of that officer and what wrong thing he did with Jacqueline and Nora, taking the wrong advantage of his position.

Police officer took wrong advantage of his position, did this with Jacqueline and Nora

Both Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi have become famous Bollywood actresses today. Both the actresses are very much liked in the Indian film industry. Recently, the police is interrogating Nora and Jacqueline and the reason for this is none other than Sukesh, who is considered to be Jacqueline’s boyfriend and Nora’s close friend. It is being told that during the interrogation, a police officer has taken the wrong advantage of his position. He took photos of Jacqueline and Nora and that too without their consent, despite the consent of both the actresses, none of the police officers took the photos. The police officer asked the Odno actress to follow him and some of his friends from their official social media accounts. In this article, we will tell what is the name of the police officer and what action is being taken against him.

Case filed against police officer, this person filed a case

Recently, in the police interrogation of two famous Bollywood actresses Jacqueline and Nora, a police officer misused his position and took photos of both the actresses even on their refusal and asked to follow them from their official Instagram. The name of the police officer is Rahul Verma. Due to this act, a well-known lawyer named Vikram Chauhan filed a case in the Delhi court and asked the judge to punish the police officer.

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