The pain of this actress spilled after years, said

You must have heard this proverb, distant drums are pleasant. The same is the condition of the film industry, which is very glamorous in appearance from afar. But there are equally shocking secrets inside the industry. This proverb fits perfectly on the film world. People believe that the life of film stars is very good. But these film stars have to face a lot in their life. Something similar had to be faced by the famous UK actress Dame Joan Collins. Her condition can be gauged from the fact that the actress was forced to sleep with the old rich.

Let us tell you that actress Dame Joan Collins is a famous actress of UK. In an interview, the actress made many revelations, which stunned everyone. The actress told that when she went on a date with her first husband, her husband Maxwell Reid served her a drink. The actress also drank it as a normal drink. After that her husband also gave her some books. Elaborating further, the actress said that drugs were found in that drink. After drinking which the actress faints. After that her future husband forced her into a state of intoxication. After which the actress had to marry that person under compulsion. Then her husband Maxwell Reid pressured her to sleep with the old rich. For which the old rich were giving him 10 lakh rupees a night. After which the actress decided to separate from her husband and got separated.

Then she decided to remarry and married British actor Anthony Newley. This marriage of both did not last long and they separated. Then in 1972, actress Dame Joan Collins married Ron Kaas for the third time. But both of them could not stay together for long and both decided to separate. Then in 1983, the two separated. After the breakup of her third marriage, the actress married Scandinavian Peter Holm. But this marriage also did not last. As if no one was made for her, the marriage of whomever the actress used to marry used to break up. After breaking up so many marriages, the actress courageously married Hollywood filmmaker Percy Gibson.

If we talk about actress Dame Joan Collins, then she was a UK actress. His fan following is quite good. Right now his age is around 80, but in the 60-70s everyone was crazy about his beauty. People still like to watch his movies.

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