There has been a big change in the rules of land filling-rejection in Bihar, 16 types of revenue documents will be available at a nominal fee.

People will no longer have to make rounds to the DCLR office for denial of land registration in Bihar. Now the Deputy Collector of Land Reforms will not be able to adjudicate the rejected claim filed more than twice under any circumstances. This information was given by Land and Revenue Minister Ramsurat Kumar during a press conference in Jamui on Friday. Minister Ramsurat Kumar issued a press note saying that under the Bihar Land Reforms Act, 2011, all the land has been directed to be disposed of within 30 working days under Section 7(4) of the Land Reforms Act. Deputy Collector ..

On August 1, 2021, the online system of hearing in the Land Reforms Deputy Collector Mutation Appeal Court was started. People can now view appeals and hearings online. I would like to inform you that on 31st July online filing denial website, Bihar Bhoomi was re-launched in new mood and colour. Now you can take advantage of this facility through mobile also. The Minister said that modern archive-cum-data centers have been established in 102 out of 534 zones of Bihar. And soon it will start. From here, there is a plan to make 16 types of revenue documents available to the general public at a nominal fee.

The minister said that the land of Khas Mahal is being reviewed by the department. For which allotment of land will not be done as per rules, allotment will be cancelled. For this a district bar team has been formed. Revenue maps of villages, towns and cities of Bihar can now be ordered online. This service will be started soon and Bihar will be the first state in the country to start this service. The minister said the rules for dismissal of files have been amended and dismissal of cases has become very difficult. We inform you that before rejecting any application, the CO will now have to give a valid reason.

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