These actresses used to make physical relations with non-men for money, if the pole was open, it was not worth showing their face

The world of film industry is full of glamour. Everything from immense wealth to fame is found here. But there are many abuses in this film world, some good and very bad. Often some get entangled in the web of this world that they choose the wrong abuses. Today we are going to tell you about such actresses. Who did not hesitate to sell his body to supply the lack of money in his life. However, while selling the body, it was forgotten that it is a crime, and it has severe punishment in law. They did not think that the police would ever be able to reach them, but the opposite happened and these actresses reached the jail from the film screen. Let us know which actresses have their names in this list.

Aish Ansari

The name of Aish Ansari, who became famous by doing item songs in Tamil films, is also included in this list. To meet the shortage of money, Ash also chose the wrong path. And the result was that in 2011 she got caught by the police. Let us tell you that the Jodhpur Police had taken them into their custody.


Bhuvaneshwari, the most popular name of B grade films, also wanted to earn wealth through the wrong path. But this actress of South was harassed by the police many times. Let us tell you that Bhuneshwari has been detained many times by the police due to his dirty deeds.

Neetu Agarwal

This South actress appeared in many films. Her boyfriend was also supporting her in this wrong deed.

Shweta Basu

You must have heard the name of Shweta. The actress has also won the National Award for the 2012 film Makdee. Shweta’s film career, who has done films since childhood, was a bit damadol, she also did some South films but it did not work. The actress started facing money crunch and to deal with it, she chose the path of prostitution. But soon after he was taken into custody by the police.

Sherlyn Chopra

The name of Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra is also included in this list. The actress herself had admitted that she had to do prostitution for some time due to financial constraints. However, the actress said that she left the job in no time.

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