These celebs spoiled crores of rupees to look beautiful and lost their lives, know the dangers and expenses of surgery

There would be hardly any person in this world who would not have the desire to look beautiful. Everyone has to look completely different and beautiful in the crowd of millions of crores. If someone does not like the look of their face, then someone feels that their lips, nose and other parts are not right. At the same time, there are many people who are troubled by obesity and do all kinds of jugaad to keep themselves slim. However, some people, in the competition to make themselves look good and better, adopt such methods, the result of which sometimes turns out to be quite frightening.

One of the most popular methods in this is cosmetic surgery. According to the WHO report, more than 100 million people are getting their cosmetic surgery done every year. At the same time, after the lockdown, people have started running after even more surgeries. The cost of surgery in India is around 2 lakh rupees and people are resorting to it to beautify themselves.

Surgery proved bad for these stars

Not only this, earlier where people used to resort to gym and diet to lose weight, now people are also getting fat cutting surgery done. However, its result has often proved to be dangerous. Recently 21 year old actress Chetna Raj passed away due to plastic surgery. Actress Chetna Raj went to the hospital for fat free surgery where she underwent surgery. However, after the surgery, water accumulated in his lungs, after which he died. According to reports, doctors tried hard to save her but she could not survive. In such a situation, he lost his life at the age of 21 with just one surgery.

Not only this, earlier in the year 2011, actor Vivek Shokh also died due to liposuction surgery. Vivek was seen in the film Gadar. His death had shocked the fans. Apart from this, Telugu actress Aarti Agarwal also passed away due to weight loss surgery. Not only in India but also in foreign countries too many risky cases of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery have been heard.

People are spending crores of rupees on surgery

Michael Jackson, who is called the King of Pop, also had more than 100 surgeries on his body. He had spent crores of rupees but due to this his health had deteriorated. Apart from this, a girl in America had surgery on her face 50 times to look like Angelina Jolie, but after the surgery her face became quite frightening. Apart from this, many more such cases have been heard where either the person died due to surgery or his face got completely spoiled.

There are some surgeries that are also successful but it is not necessary that it suits everyone. Recovery after surgery is very important because the problem of swelling, bleeding and swelling of the cheeks is often seen, as well as it is considered very bad in terms of health.

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