These heroines left their husbands and had daily relationships with their friends, some of whom became mothers without marriage.

From the small screen to the big screen, there are many of these actresses who have achieved great success in their careers. Fans were crazy about his acting and his enthusiasm. But the same actresses also did something in their life, which their fans were quite surprised to hear. In fact, many industry representatives were in a relationship with their friend after they divorced their husbands. At the same time, this actress also became a mother before marriage.

First of all, this is the role of Bollywood’s famous actress Malika Arora. Being the mother of a child, Malika divorced Arbaaz Khan after 18 years of marriage. Since her divorce, she is dating Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and is living with him in life. Many pictures of both of them go viral every day.

Actress Kamiya Punjabi was married to Ponte Private. The two were married for 10 years, but then both parted ways and parted ways in 2013. Kamiya also has a daughter. The actress is married to Shalba Dang, a divorced businessman from Delhi and father of her son. Nowadays, the four lead their lives as a family. She also lived with Kamiya Shalbah.

Actress Kalki Kicklan married famous director Anurag Kashyap. Their marriage also did not last long. After this Kalki and Anoragh divorced each other. After this the actress started dating Guy Hirschberg. Both also lived there. After this Kalki gave birth to cow daughter Hirschberg without marrying.

Actress Pooja Batra married surgeon Sonu Ahluwalia in 2002. But their marriage did not work out and soon they got divorced. The actress then started living in a house with Shah’s representatives. Nowadays they are both husband and wife.

Bollywood actress Jia Mirza divorced Suhail Sangha shortly after her marriage. Then I started dating Ricky Vaibhav. Both were also living for some time. She even became the mother of a fibaf child without getting married. After that both of them got married.

Rashmi Desai married famous actor Nandesh Singh Sandhu in 2012. But after four years of marriage, the two separated in 2016. The actress was then in a relationship with Arhaan and lived with him. This revelation happened in Bigg Boss which surprised everyone.

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