This is the dangerous villain of Bollywood, who died a painful death in real life

For decades, Bollywood movies have managed to entertain audiences with tales of heroes taking on the role of elder, evil villains to save their beloved daughter. Now, with the concept of Messiah saving the day in modern Bollywood movies, the idea of ​​villains in movies has changed. Now you don’t need to look your worst or worst to play a villain in modern Bollywood. That being said, we have to admit that villains in Bollywood hit differently in the 90s and early 2000s.

Mahesh Anand

Although people call Mahesh Anand (Mahesh Anand) the ‘terrible villain of Hindi cinema’, he was actually very talented. Apart from being a strong actor, he was also a prolific dancer and martial artist who acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films apart from Hindi. Mahesh Anand’s body was found, kept decomposing for 2 days but in 2019 Mahesh Anand tragically passed away. 57-year-old Mahesh Anand was found dead in his flat in Andheri. Police said that at that time Mahesh Anand was living alone for many years and was unemployed. His body was lying in the house for two days and started decomposing. Half a bottle of liquor and food was kept near the place where Mahesh Anand’s body was found.

Rami Reddy

Rami Reddy’s acting was such that even in real life people used to scare her. Rami Reddy was so scared that even if he comes on screen, people get scared. Rami Reddy is counted among the top villains of the industry. Due to illness, many important projects and films were abandoned. This actor, who was once the subject of discussion in Hindi cinema, was later cut by the people.

Manik Irani

In the 80s and 90s, there was an emphasis on making action films. At that time, along with the hero in the story of the film, there was also a demand for a strong villain. Manik Irani supported this demand. Manik Irani started his acting career in 1974 with the film ‘Paap Aur Punya’.

He then went on to make dozens of films, in which he played a villain. But Manik Irani also died tragically. The exact cause of his death is not yet known, but it is being told that he was addicted to alcohol. This addiction became the cause of his death.

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